About Us

Welcome to NewNorthBC.

Decision makers, entrepreneurs, educators, business and community leaders across the northern two-thirds of British Columbia now have a new, locally published and controlled source of current information about the environment they live in.

NewNorthBC reaches decision makers.

The editorial focus of NewNorthBC will be on the issues, events, people, and corporations that impact or influence the economy and quality of life in northern B.C.

Our part of British Columbia has always been the source of the wealth of our province. As our economy evolves, so does our part of B.C. The New North continues to be the leading edge of the evolving economy of our province.

NewNorthBC is available in print and digital formats. We are distributing copies to every business and every elected official in northern B.C.

Thank you for taking the time to read NewNorthBC. We hope you enjoy it.

Publisher/Sales – Roy Spooner roy@newnorthbc.ca

Publisher/Editor – Bill Phillips bill@newnorthbc.ca